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Terms & Conditions

Please read our terms and conditions carefully. Upon booking, you will be emailed a copy for your records. By completing the booking your are accepting our terms and conditions.


  • Only the hirer named on the hirer questionnaire is eligible to drive the lorry. Other named drivers may be added to the hire policy if information is provided.

  • Only drivers aged between 25-75 are eligible to drive the horsebox.

  • Every driver must hold, and have held at the lorry pick up date for at least 2 years, a valid UK or EU driving licence. 

  • All drivers must complete a 'Hire Contact' before driving away with horsebox.

  • During hire the horsebox must not be used for the following: Hire & Reward, any illegal purposes, for teaching someone to drive, drive the horsebox whilst under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, or drive the horsebox outside of England, Wales, or Scotland, unless it has been arranged and agreed with us prior to your hire period.

  • You will find the Horsebox clean and with a full tank of Diesel upon collection. It must be returned at the end of the hire without any trace of droppings, hay, mud and belongings. We understand that it may not always be possible to jet wash the horse area however, we do expect a clear effort to be made for the lorry to be returned as collected. In the event that this does not happen, we may have to retain the deposit. 

Terms of Hire:

  • After confirming a booking date through myself, a booking form must be completed and payment made.

Prior to commencement of the hire we must receive the following documents by email:

  1. Photocopy/Photo of your current UK or EU driving license and that of any other named driver (Front & Back) 

  2. Proof that your aged between 25-75 (can be seen on driving license)

  3. Proof that you/named driver have been driving for a minimum of 2 years

  4. Proof that you have not had your driving license suspended for any reason in the past 3 years

  5. Proof that you have not been involved in more than one fault accident in the past 3 years

  6. Proof that you have no more than two driving convictions with no more than 3 points per conviction.

  7. Proof that you have not obtained a BA,DD or UT conviction

The easiest way to confirm the above is by generating a licence 'check code' which can be done through the following link:

View or share your driving licence information - GOV.UK (

​     8.  In order to confirm your identity/address we will need to see two utility bills, dated within 3 months of your hire. 

Along with the above documents, we will need you to complete and sign a Hirer's Contract before commencing the hire. This will be emailed to you prior to your hire date.

We also would like all Hirer's to complete a Handover Condition Survey of our Horsebox, so that we form an agreement between us and yourself on the condition of the lorry before commencing your hire. 

During Hire:

  1. Please consider that you will be financially liable for the insurance excess for any damage to the lorry for the duration of your hire. 

  2. Please make sure you look after the keys, and make sure the horsebox is locked securely at all times when unattended. 

  3. Please make sure that in adverse weather conditions, you think wisely about your travel routes and bare in the mind that there are a number of windows throughout the lorry that may need to be closed. 

  4. When refilling the horsebox, make sure that only DIESEL is used. (Not Red Diesel please) 

  5.  Please make sure you do not sell, rent or dispose of the Horsebox or any of its fittings, parts or components during your hire. 

  6. You the hirer must not grant to anyone legal rights over the Horsebox.

  7. You the hirer must not let anyone work on the Horsebox without permission of Trot Up Transport. You will only receive a refund if you have a valid VAT receipt for the work, and the works carried out have been authorised by Trot Up Transport.

  8. You must let Trot Up Transport know as soon as you become aware of any fault in or with the Horsebox. Refer the the breakdown information immediately (Situated in glovebox). 

  9. The horsebox must be returned to the Trot Up Transport address on time at the end of the hire period. Until the Horsebox has been returned safely, the hirer will be responsible for the Horsebox. The horsebox will be inspected for damage upon its return. 

  10. You the hirer will be responsible for any loss or damage to the Horsebox caused by negligence, misuse or otherwise, whether or not such loss or damage was caused by you. 

  11. Any repairs costs for the Horsebox will be invoiced to the hirer and must be paid within 14 days. 

  12. Please make sure you remove any belongings from the Horsebox before its return at the end of your hire.

  13. Trot up Transport is under no obligation to return any such belongings left by you. 

  14. Our Horsebox is only insured for use within the UK please do not take it outside the UK, without prior arrangement.

  15. The Horsebox has a maximum capacity of 3 people. 

  16. In order to comply with the load and weight regulations for Horseboxes you can only carry a maximum of 1080kg when travelling in our Horsebox. Trot up transport is not responsible for overloading. Should the horsebox be confiscated due to overloading all fines, charges & lost revenue will be charged to the hirer. 

  17. By law, all horses must travel with their passports. It is the hirers responsibility to ensure this requirement is met. 

  18. No refund will be given for early return of the horsebox.

  19. You acknowledge on collection of the horsebox and its contents as free from any defect or damage, fit for purpose and complete other than as specified in the Handover condition report. The breakdown or malfunction of the equipment after the Horsebox has been handed over by Trot up Transport will not be accepted as reason to cancel the Rental Contract; any such fault will be rectified as soon as possible. If the fault cannot be rectified within in 24 hours from the collection date, Trot up transport will seek to provide an alternative Horsebox. If this cannot be adhered to, then the full cost of the rental will be refunded. 

  20. Trot up Transport reserves the right to refuse to hand over our Horsebox to any person who, in the reasonable opinion of Trot up Transport is not suitable to take charge of our Horsebox. In such cases of refusal, all payments made by the hirer will be refunded in full, but Trot up Transport will not have any further liability in relation to the cancelation of the hire, nor to the person to whom hire was refused. 

  21. In the event of a breakdown or accident, an emergency service is at your disposal. Trot up Transport cannot be help liable for delays, curtailment of journey or other incidental costs.

  22. The hire will cover all costs of breakdown or repair in circumstances where the incident is the result of negligence on their part, for example by running out of fuel, filling the tank with the wrong fuel, locking keys inside the Horsebox or losing the keys.

Possible Surcharges:

We try to avoid surcharges at all cost however, the following instances will incur charges. (Surcharges will be deducted from your deposit where possible)


  1.  Excessively dirty interior or exterior: £50

  2. Smoking in the Horsebox: £50

  3. Not full fuel tank: Cost of Diesel to full plus 10% for time (We will provide a receipt with invoice)

  4. Damage to Horsebox: Insurance excess of £500 

  5. Parking, Speeding, Congestion, Clamping or other fines: Total cost and responsibility will be paid by hirer. If the total cost of fine is not paid within fine guidelines, all costs and administration charges incurred by Trot up Transport will be invoiced to the hirer. 

  6. The hirer is liable for any charges arising from HMRC or Immigration Authorities seizing the Horsebox, together with a loss of income charge for the full period during which Trot up Transport cannot rent out the Horsebox as a consequence.

  7. If the horsebox is not returned on the agreed time, a surcharge of £10 per hour will be invoiced. 

Cancelation Policy:

  • Cancelations that are made up to 7 days before the hire date will be refunded in FULL. 

  • Cancelations that are made within the 7 days before the hire date will be refunded in full minus 50% of the deposit (£50)

  • Cancelations that are made under 24hrs of the hire commencement will be charged the rate of their hire not including the deposit. 

Terms In the event of an accident:

  1. Trot up Transport can not take any responsibility for any loss or damage or expense which occurs as a result of any accident. 

  2. Where possible the hirer must obtain the names and addresses of all involved, including witnesses. Take photographs as evidence where possible including registration numbers of all involved. 

  3. Initial response should be to contact the police in case of injury or if there is any disagreement regarding who is responsible. Contact us at Trot up Transport once the Horsebox has been secured. 

  4. There is a motor accident report form to be filled out located in the glove box of the Horsebox. 

Information Disclosure:

If the hirer does not adhere to any of the hire conditions, Trot up Transport can make available the information you have provided to us to credit reference agencies, the driver and DVLA, debt collectors and any other relevant organisations. We are also entitled to pass this information on to the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA), who in turn can pass it onto any of this members for any purpose stated in the Data Protection Act 1998. 


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